Serving and Impacting the Lives of Kids & Youth in Lethbridge

Our Vision

UR-Amazing is a Faith-based Christian organization that seeks to have a long term impact with children and youth regardless of family and/or racial background, life circumstances, social or economic situations.

Our Mission

UR-Amazing seeks to provide long term programs and services designed to guide children and youth between the ages of 5-18 to overcome the many barriers that prohibit them from becoming successful contributing members of their community.

Our Impact

Many students look forward to the weekly opportunity to attend UR-Amazing's Amazing Kids program. It is a happy part of their week. Several families and children served by Westminster school do not have the financial means or family support structure to participate in other afterschool programming offered in the community. Having a program that is easily accessible, that students can participate in immediately following the school day, and that affords opportunity to learn social skills, ethical decision making, and positive life choices is a truly valuable service to the school community. It creates meaningful relationships that support families and students, and gives them security, and belonging in the larger community. It also makes a personal difference to many students who benefit from the warmth, and positive experiences that they find in “Amazing Kids”.

Angela Wilde, Principal of Westminster Elementary School

The evidence we are seeing is within the programs itself. Since we have been running this program for 9 years, we have seen kids who have gone onto be volunteers in our program, help out at our camps, and are succeeding at school. We have focused on mainly one school the last 9 years, but are now branching out to other schools. The former Principal of Westminster Elementary, Nancy Brown, comments “The Amazing Kids Program is important to our school community because it targets school age children in need of mentoring. It promotes healthy attitudes and gives our children opportunities to be part of a sense of community outside school hours. During the program children learn to work with one another, express themselves and participate in physical activities and discussions. It is a huge support for children at our school with over 40 children attending the program. The monthly family meal gives children the opportunity to invite their families to meet their mentors and peers. Essentially it empowers children to make change. I see great benefits in supporting this initiative and am grateful for the strong relationship between the school, The Crown Family and the Amazing Kids. I believe supporting children in a spirit of community is crucial for their social, emotional and physical development.”

The expected non-tangible benfits from UR Amazing’s programs include improved performance and behavior at school, with their families and in the community.

Immediate outcomes include less difficulty with children in the classroom, and a reduction in youth crime in the Lethbridge community.

Ultimately, UR Amazing’s goal is that the children:

  • Graduate high school
  • Participate constructively in their communities
  • Maintain a job to the best of their abilities
  • Have healthy families of their own

Each child’s progress will be compared to the environments the children came from to see if progress has been made.

UR Amazing's program Amazing Kids, are now a very important part of our family's lives. At the time that we found Amazing Kids, we were struggling in so many ways. After picking up our daughter after camp everyday, we were met with a warm greeting. Her mother stayed and hung out at the camp for a day and observed. The young people who volunteer their time to the camp are a great example of fine Christian values, and they were very wonderful interacting with our daughter and making her feel important. Everyone there was genuinely kind and welcoming. It was infectious. Now our daughter is involved with Amazing Kids every Monday after school, and she absolutely loves it.

Anthony Mensinger, Parent of an Amazing Kid