Our Programs

Amazing Kids is a free monday from 3:30 to 5:00 during the months of Oct to June, with family and child assistance throughout the week. We start the year with a Family Fall Festival on the last Monday of September. we also run 1 to 2 weeks of free half-day camps in July

The Amazing Kids Program is dedicated to one on one relationships and mentoring. By developing these relationships and mentoring we have seen success in seeing these kids have more confidence and respect for themselves and others. Over time many of these kids who fall through the cracks in other community activities find that they have something that they are a part of and belong too. They realize they are AMAZING. Not only does that lead to positive individual relationships with kids but it develops relationships with their families as well. We desire to foster healthy family relationships through our once a month family meals as well as our volunteers visiting families in their homes.

Location: Amazing grace Community Church(324-13 St N, Lethbridge)

Through bringing youth together, watching their interactions, and intervening when aggressive or abusive behaviors are seen, UR Amazing teaches them how to recognize poor behaviors, discussing why they react the way they do, formulating better responses for the future, and putting those new responses into action immediately. By being there while the youth are talking or playing together will enable the UR Amazing staff and leadership to observe inappropriate behavior triggers and deal with them immediately, providing real-time feedback and coaching. Inappropriate behavior includes expressions of physical or verbal abuse, violent expressions of anger, "colorful" language, and disrespectful behavior to each other and authority figures.

Teamwork is encouraged through sports, enabling children to appreciate each other's differences and how those differences are necessary to function as team. The youth are taught to trust and support each other through showing compassion, cooperatively solving problems, and working together. It is communicated that acknowledging an inability to accomplish something is not a shameful thing, but instead asking for help, as well as putting good advice to use, are noble characteristics.

Youth are encouraged to develop leadership skills as they graduate from elementary school to high school by giving them opportunities to coach and lead the younger youth and those in the Amazing Kids program. UR Amazing seeks to promote community unity by participating in and encouraging the older children to also participate in or take a leadership role in other community initiatives. There will also be opportunities for older children in leadership and oversight in the administration of the summer camps. UR Amazing encourages the older youth to recognize a problem in their community, collaborate with like-minded people and/or groups to propose a solution, and put the solution into action.

We provide Youth mentoring and family assistance throughout the week. With retreats and camps throughout the year.

Location: Amazing Grace Community Church, Lethbridge


Senior High 9th-12th grade - Meets Sundays 7-9 pm


Middle School 6th-8th grade - Meets Wednesdays 6-8 pm